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Hello we are the group 5 and this is our laboratory experiment:


Our objective is to do a slime and put in it some ingredients to make different textures.


Plastic recipient
Borax with water or Liquid lend solution with sodium bicarbonate or detergent
Food coloring(optional)
Shaving cream
Fake snow


(Normal with borax solution)

Pour your glue in the plastic boul.
Add a half spoon of borax in to a cup of water and mix. (in a different boul thanthe glue)
Add some food coloring in to glue. (optional)
Put slowly a spoon of the borax solution we made before into the glue and mix.
Do the 4th step all the times you need till the slime is sticky. When the slime is not stocked to the sides of the boul start playing with your hands.
Still playing with it till it turns not sticky.

How to make different textures?

Fluffy slime
The same as the normal one but after adding the glue out some shaving cream and mix.

2. Crunchy slime
Do a normal slime and add little bits at the end. (There’s not measurements)

3. Butter slime
Do a normal slime and at the end add some clay and mix it till there’s no chongs. The most famous one in U.S.A is the Model Magic Clay. But the most soft one is the Daiso Clay.

4. Cloud slime
Do a normal slime and at the end put some fake snow and mix.

Where did we found the information?

YouTube videos like the Karina Garcia channel.

Thanks: Pau Salvatella/Joana/Igor/Jan Falomir/Clàudia.G.L



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Hi, we’re the group four (Andrea, Alex V, Jan P and Yaima) and we have done an experiment that has a lot of names, like Mamba Negra, Serpiente del faraon or any other kind of names.
This term, the teacher, proposed us to do different experiments in groups. And we decided to do the experiment that we just said before.
To do this experiment we need to take a bowl and fill it with sand. Then, we have to mix baking soda and sugar in another bowl. When is mixed, we have to put it on the sand, making like a mountain shape. After this, we have to add the alcohol to the mixture. When we have done all of this, we can take the lighter and starts burning the mixture. If we have done it right, it has to be created a kind of tube in a shape of a black snake, this “thing” has to get rolling a little bit.
If we want to get the whole snake, we have to wait from 7 to 9 hours. We didn’t have this time, we just had 5-10 minutes, but we repeated about 3 times but it only appeared the starting.
This has been our experiment, now, we leave you with some pics of how was ours👋🏻





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Hola som la Camila i la Thalia de ESO 2 i per la classe de biblioteca hem recreat unes portades de llibres.

Aquest es el vídeo on hi surten les portades originals i les nostres.

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Treballant per un bon dia solidari.

Aviat iniciarem la campanya de recollida de T-10 pels infants del Casal del Raval. Escola Suma.

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Fet per: Àlex Rosés i Eduard Aguado

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Hola, som uns companys del Grup 3 de la laboratori de 2n d’ESO. Dintre de l’assignatura de laboratori, hem estat fent uns experiments que cada grup va triar. En el nostre cas vam triar fer un slime. Per fer aquest experiment necessitem: Un recipient on posar la massa, una cullera petita i un got per posar el bòrax. D’ingredients necessitem: Bòrax, Cola blanca i aigua. L’únic que hem de fer és posar un pot de cola blanca al recipient. Després li posem el bòrax i aquest és el resultat.

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Projecte portades

Hola, som unes alumnes de ESO 2, y per a biblioteca, estem fent un projecte que consisteix en imitar portades de llibres o pel·lícules.

Les portades que nosaltres hem imitat son les de: Riverdale, Gossip Girl, Assesinato en el orient express, Divergente y Scary movie.

Aquest ha sigut el resultat:

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