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Last day, 16/01/2019 we made an experiment in the laboratory. We made the pH of household chemicals to determinate it. We also discover patterns involving pH that is the measure of the acidity or basicity of a solution that in our experiment, was liquids. The scale of the pH goes from 0 to 14, there are three basic resultas that are basic, neutral and acidic. When we put cabbage in to the test tubes, when then we put different liquids with different pH of acid, the color changed. The different liquids that we put in to test tubes was: coke, milk, alcohol, wine, ammonia, bleach.


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Who are we:

We are Martina Javier, Martina Barri, Liam Moore, Joel Culell and Júlia Lahoz.


We think that this experiment will work, because we think it’s a really easy recipe, plus, Martina has already done it at home.


  • Cornstarch

  • Water

  • Recipient

  • Spatula

  • Purple alimentary colorant (red+blue)


  • Put half of the pack of cornstarch in the recipient.

  • Next add some water and mix.


  • Repeat till the other steps till it looks like a liquid but it feels like a mass.


  • (optional): Finally add the alimentary colorant.



It worked, the experiment was a success. It has been amazing to touch a fluid that doesn’t have a specific state (solid, liquid or gas).

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